The Exclusive Mission Of Meridian Auction Services, LLC 

Myths And Facts About Real Estate Auctions

  • "If the highest bid for my property is $1, than I have no choice but to accept it." FALSE! The sale of property regardless of the high bid is known as an absolute auctionThere are many types of auctions such as reserve, minimum bid, sealed bid, etc...After consultation with the team of Meridian Auction Services, LLC, we will assist you with choosing the best auction method.
  • "​Real estate auctions are rare nowadays. Back in the day, weren't they mostly used for selling farms and entire estates?" FALSE! While many estate auctions do occur frequently in today's market, huge success has been seen in the sale of a wide variety of agricultural, commercial and residential real estate auctions.
  • "Standard commissions for auctions are incredibly high and often, buyers have to pay a 'premium' which can detract their interest to bid higher." FALSE! Our company has no flat commission fees and commissions are always negotiable. Furthermore, Meridian Auction Services, LLC does not use a buyer's premium in any of our auctions, viewing such a fee as detrimental to the seller.

Every property has its own unique features that are attractive to the select buyer. In today's fast-paced, technology driven world of sales, the majority of sellers and buyers are expecting any form of transaction to be conducted in an expedient and focused manner. Unfortunately, many companies try to offer a variety of different services and often lose the ability to most effectively represent their clients by attempting to be the "apprentice to all trades and master of none." We at Meridian Auction Services, LLC specialize exclusively in the auction method of selling real estate. Services such as appraisals, traditional real estate listings or other skills necessary to promote the sale of a property are referred by our team to assist the seller after professional consultation. Our exclusivity allows us to select the most ideal properties to offer for sale at public auction, thereby affording our clients the privilege of knowing that the marketing and sale of their property is receiving the highest degree of service. We are also equipped to offer personal property and business liquidation auctions in select circumstances, which we perform at a reduced commission rate to the seller, provided that their real estate is accepted for sale by Meridian Auction Services, LLC.

In a further effort to reach out to our community, our company donates countless hours to assisting non-profit and other organizations by generating revenue through benefit auctions. Churches, free clinics, and wildlife conservation groups are some of the few charities that have benefited from our commitment to excellence in service.  

Key Advantages To The Auction Method

  • ​Ideally, a crowd of enthusiastic and competitive buyers are present to generate a high bid for your property.
  • An accelerated marketing method is used-No waiting for an unknown period for offers to be made as is often the case in traditional real property listings. There will be a set date in which your property is going to be offered for public sale. 
  • You set the dates and times during which your property is to be shown at all times-No unexpected calls, last minute "speed cleaning" or preparation of your property.
  • Aggressive and targeted advertising campaign- The team at Meridian Auction Services, LLC is committed to spending a large amount of our time in the field meeting with potential buyers for your property and generating leads for that key, high bidder on auction day.

Real Estate Auctions and How They Can Benefit You, The Consumer