Our Referral Program Is...

  • ...a means by which qualifying real estate professionals participate in the introduction of their current/former client to the possibility of selling their property at auction.
  • ...a tool that can be used as a supplement to traditional marketing and selling strategy.

Our Referral Program Is Not...

  • ...intended to replace a traditional brokerage service. Meridian Auction Services, LLC specializes entirely in the sale of real property at public auction and does not utilize the traditional method of property sales.
  • ...a method in which non-licensed individuals can receive a referral fee for procuring an auction for Meridian Auction Services, LLC. Participation is only offered to licensed real estate brokers.

What Our Referral Program Is And Is Not

The Solutions Offered by Meridian Auction Services, LLC

Every real estate professional has experienced the scenario of this page's slideshow introduction, at some point in their career. Hours turn into days as you perform all the necessary tasks of due diligence in order to sell a property. Your best efforts are met with that loathsome feeling of having wasted your time when the listing expires or another real estate professional is chosen. Having the sign of your company replaced by that of another and selling is definitely not the publicity that you need. Show your clients that you are willing provide all of the necessary sales tools for their success and bring in Meridian Auction Services, LLC!


  • ​Free Consultation For Real Estate Professionals
  • Assistance With Transferring Traditionally Listed Properties To An Auction Platform
  • ​Generous Compensation Provided For Real Property Referrals
  • Potential Seller/Buyer Lead Generation
  • ​Advertising For The Referral Agent
  • Identification of Potential Auction Properties Prior To Traditional Listing
  • ​Referrals To Participating Brokerages Of Buyers And Sellers Seeking Representation
  • Interpretation/Translation Services Available For Non-English Speaking Clients
  • ​Expedited Auction Services-Accelerated Marketing

Referral Program for Licensed Real Estate Brokers-Spring/Summer 2015